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In this blog you will be able to learn how to meditate and what is the procedure of meditation.

 If you are a beginner you will be able to learn meditation from very basic.

 I would like to briefly explain about meditation

   Meditation is the process of focusing on something which is very essential  for a human being called meditation.

Types of Meditation

There are various way to focus on particular things that’s why there is 102  meditation process are there, or you can say there is 102 type of meditation available.

 I will publish the post in my blog ( from very basic.

I would like to tell me one more thing why everyone have to do meditation ?

 Because if there is nil benefit  of meditation then no one is going to do.

  First I will tell you benefit of meditation as per Science research which is carried out till date.

You will get rid of depression, anxiety, sleeping problem and you will be able to generate more neurons in your mind means you will be more activated.

Second aspects and benefit of meditation I would like to tell, this is not as per Science research

Yogi culture Palace the meditation gives some supernatural power but there is no evidence available, this is available in only theory you may have listened to this by some of storyteller