Why is Sadhguru so Famous, Achievements, Followers

Why is Sadhguru so Famous?

Jagadish “Jaggi” Vasudev popularly referred to as “Sadhguru” is the quintessential modern-day mystic, philanthropist, author, yoga guru, and spiritual leader.

Starting off as a smalltime poultry farmer, and dabbling in construction business for a while, he steadily progressed to become one of the most revered and popular modern-day spiritualists.

What is it about Sadhguru that makes him stand out from the countless number of contemporary self-styled psychics and mystics? 

In this review, we explore Sadhguru’s trailblazing journey, and how he went on to become one of the most influential diviners in 21st –century India. Jaggi Vasudev aka “Sadhguru” is well-known almost throughout the world not only for his Isha Foundation but also for numerous other achievements and accomplishments. However the telepathist also has this uncanny ability of staying in the news because of his unconventional and avant-garde views.

His innate spirituality that Sadhguru claims to have inherited from his past lives as an endowment because of his karma remained nascent for 25 years after his birth.

Eventually the purported streak of divinity inherent in him received a spark and became activated while he was meditating on Chamundi Hill. The flash of divinity that he felt so profoundly during his meditational stint was a life-changing experience which transformed him totally, and for good.

Why is Sadhguru so Famous?

Spurred on and stimulated by the divine experience, he started travelling extensively to offer yoga and meditation lessons to commoners. He wanted to tell everybody and anybody who cared to listen about his spiritual experience to convince them about yoga’s potential for achieving peace of mind.

Sadhguru conducted yoga lessons and sessions in various cities and towns in South India for 12 years before establishing Isha Foundation in 1992.

Following the setting up of the Isha Foundation in the Vellinagiri Mountains on the outskirts of Coimbatore, he never looked back. Sadhguru has done his bit for the environment by taking the initiative to plant more than 100 million trees in Tamil Nadu. He has also contributed copiously toward the well-being of the poor and downtrodden through his welfare projects and social initiatives.  

Sadhguru has addressed several global organizations and forums including the United Nations, UK’s House of Lords, World Economic Forum, and International Institute for International Development.

He has also authored several books on spirituality and yoga and was awarded India’s second-highest civilian award in 2017- Padma Vibhushan for his social and spiritual contributions. He has millions of followers on numerous social media sites, and he continues to inspire countless people even at the ripe old age of 64.

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What Did Sadhguru Do for the Welfare of Human Beings? 

Human Welfare InitiativesWhy These Developmental Projects Were Created
Isha GramotsavamIsha Gramotsavam is a rural festival organized annually to showcase rustic Tamil Nadu through dance, music, food specialties, and pastoral art. An inter-village sports competition is also held to emphasize how sports can enhance the quality of life of rural folks.   
Action for Rural RejuvenationThe ARR (Action for Rural Rejuvenation) program is an initiative that endeavors to redesign and restructure the rural lifestyle. It is basically an  outreach program to improve the living conditions of rural people so that they 
Rural Development and Empowerment Isha Yoga carries out rural development work at various levels to improve the quality and standard of living of those living in villages. The developmental programs also focuses on strengthening the leadership economically, socially, politically, and religiously.  
Project GreenhandsProject Greenhands got off to a star in the year 1998 with the pious objective of boosting the forest cover of Tamil Nadu. Some experts and environmentalists had predicted that 60% of the state will turn arid and become a desert by 2025.

Sadhguru kicked off Project Greenhands with the aim of planting 22 million seedlings and setting up 40 nurseries.The project was awarded the Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Purashkar in June 2010 for its green initiatives and pioneering work.
Isha Home SchoolA residential school located inside the Isha Yoga Center near Coimbatore, Isha Home School is an English-medium school accredited by the ICSE board. The school was set up in 2005 with the overarching aim of stimulating a child’s natural inquisitiveness and his or her willingness to learn.

The school is known as a ‘home school’ because all the resident students and teachers live and study together like a close-knit family.
Isha Vidya 90% of students in the countryside still attend public schools (endorsed by state governments) where the local vernacular is the chief medium of instruction. However, English being the lingua-franca of the entire world, global economic, social, cultural, and industrial activities are conducted in English.

Therefore it does not bear emphasis that mastering the language (English) is essential to establish oneself in life. With this goal in mind, Sadhguru launched the Isha Vidya project in 2015. 

The Isha Vidya Project operates 9 schools in rural Tamil Nadu with an enrolment of 5820 students out of which more than 3300 have full scholarships. Students enrolled in these schools receive instructions in English (besides their mother tongue), learn to use computers, and relish nutritious afternoon meals. 
Save Soil MovementA global project launched by Sadhguru in 2022 to deal with the soil crisis. Sadhguru set off from London on his motorcycle for a 30,000 km momentous journey to cover 25 nations in Europe and the Middle East.

He intends to complete the global trip in about 100 days before returning to India.  The idea is to make individuals, institutions, and governments aware of the gradual degradation of the earth’s top soil, and how to stem further deterioration. The project intends to restore at 3-6% of the top soil’s organic content.  

A Trailblazing Journey: Achievements and Accomplishment of Sadhguru

      Achievement/AccomplishmentThe Year When the Project Started        
Isha Foundation (a non-profit institution that offers and organizes yoga sessions globally1992
Delivered speeches and addressed several international organizations and forums including World Economic Forum, United Nations etc2006., 2007, 2008, and 2009
Rally for Rivers- a social initiative for confronting river pollution and addressing problems arising out of water shortage2017
Indian Express newspaper names Sadhguru as one of the 100 most influential Indians for his valuable contribution to environmental protection 2012
India Today, a weekly mainstream magazine ranks him 40th in a listing of ’50 Most Powerful Indians’2017
Received the Padma Vibhushan-the 2nd-highest award for civilians in India2017
Authored more than 100 books in eight languages1995-2020

Followers of Sadhguru on Different Social Media Platforms 

  Name of the Social Media Platform        Total Number of Followers
YouTube9.9 million
Facebook8 million + 
Twitter3.9 million
Instagram 8 million
LinkedIn75,000-100, 000 

 List of Sadhguru Ashrams in the US

[Use Table; 1st Column-Name of City or Town; 2nd Column- Name of State]

Isha Yoga Centers in the US      Name of the US City  Name of the US State
Isha Institute of Inner Sciences        McMinnvilleTennessee
DoAtlanta Georgia
-d0Boston Massachusetts 
-doBozeman Montana
-doCharlotte North Carolina
-doCincinnati Ohio
doCleveland Ohio
doColumbus Ohio
doDenver Colorado 
doDayton Ohio
doSeattle Washington DC
doSalt Lake City Utah
doSan DiegoCalifornia
doSan AntonioCalifornia
doRochester California
doRichmond California
doNew York CityNew York
doPhoenix Arizona
doMiami Florida

The above listing is not exhaustive as there are several other Isha Yoga Centers in the US under the name ‘Isha Institute of Inner Sciences’. 

Latest Update about Sadhguru 

‘Save the Soil’ is a global project that Sadhguru initiated in 2022 with a view to confront the soil catastrophe. The chief aim of the program is to create awareness amongst people throughout the world about the steady disintegration of 51% of the earth’s topsoil. Sadhguru undertook a 10,000 km expedition starting from London on his motorcycle and will visit 25 countries in Europe and the Middle East before coming back to India.

During his journey he’ll encourage the masses to impress upon their respective governments to boost the agricultural soil’s organic content. On the other hand, he’ll urge governments of the countries he’ll be visiting to frame policies for defending the soil from further degradation and enhancing its organic richness.    


Q1. What makes Sadhguru different from other contemporary spiritual gurus?

Sadhguru is a genuine guru and spiritual leader working for the social and psychological upliftment of commoners. He established the Isha Yoga Center to enable innumerable men and women to meditate and attend yoga sessions for spiritual development. Additionally Sadhguru has launched several social programs and developmental projects for improving the living conditions of the poor and needy and saving the environment from further disintegration.  

Q2. How did Sadhguru become so popular and globally recognized?

Sadhguru first came into the limelight because of Isha Yoga Center that is now almost 3 decades old. He also started gaining popularity and attracted the attention of individuals around the world because of his social initiatives.

Q3. What is net worth of Sadhguru?

The net worth of Sadhguru is estimated to be over $16 million, and it is alleged that he earns more than $5479 per day.

Q4. Who endorses the day-to-day administration of Isha Foundation?

The Isha Yoga Center is owned and operated by Isha Foundation which in turn is financed and administered by more than 9 million volunteers.

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