Why is Osho So Popular Even Today

Why is Osho So Popular Even Today?– Osho is the second name of Fire, anyone who listens to Aacharya Rajnish whose nickname is Osho and also he is popular by the name of Osho gets changed.  here we will have a look at his thoughts let’s begin.

Perhaps the most controversial of all Indian god-men, Bhagwan Rajneesh, universally popular as Osho, was a mystic, spiritualist, and sex-guru, all rolled into one. However, it was the epithet ‘sex-guru’ which he earned for his flagrantly liberal and somewhat avant-garde views on sexuality that besmirched his career. Starting off as a motivational speaker, he had an unconventional take on simple aspects of life such as love and existence.

However, it was only after he set up the Rajneesh ashram in Pune in 1974 that he started coming into the limelight. Osho moved to the United States in 1981, and soon got embroiled in legal wrangles with the federal and state governments. He came back to India in 1985 but after a brief stay in Himachal Pradesh, began a whirlwind tour moving from Nepal to Crete to Geneva to Stockholm, and so on.

He returned to India in 1987 and settled on delivering discourses on an intermittent basis until his failing health compelled him to stop. He breathed his last in 1990 purportedly of heart failure through his commune felt he died because of suspected poisoning in US penitentiaries. Given the capricious and maverick manner in which he spent his entire life, it’d be an understatement to state that controversies and Osho were made for each other.

That Netflix made a movie streaming series on Rajneesh and an Indian film director announced publicly to create a biopic, it’s no wonder that Osho remains popular even to this day. In this blog, we explore the ideas and opinions of Osho on various aspects of life.  

Osho and His Thoughts on Various Aspects of Life

Aspect or Facet of LifeOpinions of Osho on Various  Aspects of Life 
ExistenceTake control of your life, celebrate and enjoy your existence to the fullest
LoveIf you love someone truly then you love without any preconditions
CreativityYou can be creative and ingenious only if you have a lust for life
MeditationMeditate and turn over in your mind in your own way without being too hard on yourself 
SexYour sexuality or sex appeal to be specific is mirrored through your creativity and vice-versa; passionate sexual intercourse not only helps explore the opposite sex’s body but also probe deeper; in fact, you can achieve salvation through sex 
EgoYour ego is the biggest obstacle to realizing the true meaning of life; ego keeps you entrapped in an illusory world, preventing you from exploring the supreme consciousness 
MindYour mind is constantly preoccupied and obsessed with the past which keeps you from living to the fullest in the present (moment).
Sannyas (renunciation)Sannyas or renunciation should not only be at the social level but should also mean abdication of one’s egoistic existence
Marriage Mankind has placed an excessive premium on marriage making it overly hypocritical and deceitful, and therefore matrimony is superficial  
CompassionCompassion involves loving and accepting people as they’re and not as you’d like them to be 
GratitudeIf we stop complaining and express gratefulness for things we take for granted, our life will change for the better  
SolitudeSolitude or loneliness holds up a mirror to your true self, but most of us are afraid of being alone, and hence we always crave company it’s only when you’re all by yourself that you get an opportunity to discover who you truly are
FearYou constantly worry about what others think about you; others’ opinion about you is what you fear the most
Gender Feminine is much stronger than the masculine just as water is more powerful than the rock
LifeLive every day of your life as if it’s the last day of your life or enjoy life with the belief that you’d live forever

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Osho’s Thoughts On:- 

  1. Existence

His take on ‘existence’ was as simple and straightforward as a commoner’s life actually is. His approach to existence in his own words-“Take hold of your own life; see that the whole existence is celebrating. The rivers and the oceans are not wild ….everywhere there is fun…everywhere there is joy and delight”… Watch existence, listen to the existence…. And become part of it.”

  1. Love

Love to Osho was akin to loving a flower. He espoused that if you loved someone with all your heart, it was comparable to loving a flower without picking it up. The moment you picked up a flower by breaking it off from the branch, you expedited the process of its wilting and finally, it’s withering away. So if and when you love someone truly it is evidenced by your not trying to possess the object of your love but simply appreciating it. 

  1. Meditation

Osho discarded the conventional methods of meditation and yoga which he thought were too complicated and esoteric. According to him the entire process of meditation was easy and uncomplicated, devoid of “any complex practices”. For him meditation was all about dancing, singing, and sitting in silence.

  1. Creativity

Rajneesh felt that creativity was like rebelling against existence- “creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence”.  Now that is something most will be at a loss to understand, let alone explain and elucidate. He further said that trying to be inventive and ingenious implied that one was obsessively in love with life.

To be creative was like introducing music and poetry to life in Osho’s opinion. 

  1. Sex

Osho associated an individual’s sexuality or rather his or her sex appeal with intelligence and creativity. In his words “the more sexual a person is the more intelligent that being. With less sexual energy, less intelligence exists, with more sexual energy, more intelligence, because sex is a deep search to uncover, not only bodies, not only the opposite sex but everything that is hidden.  

  1. Ego

If Osho is to be believed, then every human has a Buddha dwelling deep inside waiting to be divulged. So it follows that every man (or woman for that matter) is capable of attaining enlightenment, and therefore capable of loving everyone unconditionally.  However human beings are conditioned by their egos to see, feel, and perceive everybody and everything around them with a misleading sense of identity. 

  1. Mind

As per Osho’s perspective, the human mind served as a vehicle for endurance and continued existence, borrowing heavily from behavioural and survival strategies used in the past. It was the mind’s preoccupation with the past that came in the way of human beings living fully in the present. Since you or rather your mind is preoccupied with the past, you instinctively repress true emotions which in turn keep you from making the most of the present moment.     

  1. Sannyas 

Sannyas means total and uninhibited renunciation not only of one’s worldly existence but also freedom from one’s egoistic way of life. According to Rajneesh, Hinduism had degraded Sannyas to a parochial system of communal renunciation. Sannyas for Osho meant total inner freedom that didn’t entail only superficial changes but rather a complete transformation from within.   

  1. Marriage

The axiom that ‘marriages are made in heaven was just a stereotypical mindset indoctrinated into human beings to sanctify and moralize lovemaking. According to Rajneesh, man’s understanding of marriage has remained superficial and it has failed because we’ve made it too sanctimonious.   

  1. Compassion

We’re conditioned to think critically about people that we meet every day or socialize with instead of being compassionate towards them. If you’re pure and conscientious at heart, you’ll accept every individual as he or she’s is-that is what compassion is all about  

  1. Gratitude

Instead of always complaining about what we don’t have or criticizing what we’ve we should be grateful for having things which we take for granted. If we learn to practice gratitude and express thankfulness more and more, we’ll be completely at peace with ourselves.

  1. Solitude

We’re all afraid of loneliness because we’ve been conditioned to believe that staying alone will make us idle and bring out the worst in ourselves. But the truth is that you can know yourself only when you’re alone, and therefore we should practice solitariness for some time every day.

  1. Fear

We’re all constantly worrying about what others think about us.  We always try to behave according to others’ expectations because we’re afraid of other peoples’ negative opinions. But the moment we start living on our own terms and conditions and not according to others’ expectations, we become fearless. 

14. Gender 

Osho was strongly of the opinion that the female (feminine) was more powerful and stronger compared to the masculine. The feminine holds more potential and has more potency than the masculine because the former is soft and pliable while the latter is hard and hence inflexible. Water is softer than rock yet it erodes the latter.  

15. Life 

Osho believed life to be a celebration in the true sense of the term. One should celebrate fully from the body to the soul, from the physical to the spiritual, from sex to super consciousness, everything was divine to Osho. Osho’s life was pivoted around two principles- the first was to live each day as if it was the last day of existence, and the second was to live every day as if he was going to live forever.

FAQs on Osho

Who exactly was Bhagwan Rajneesh aka Osho? 

Bhagwan Rajneesh born as Chandra Mohan Jain in Madhya Pradesh was a philosophy professor and a motivational speaker before becoming a self-styled guru.

Where was Osho’s ashram located, and what happened inside the ashram?

Osho’s original ashram was situated in Koregaon Park in Pune, Maharashtra, and later on he opened ashrams known as Rajneeshpurams in the US. His followers who called themselves ‘Rajneeshees’ who started their day with ‘dynamic meditation’ accompanied by dancing, shouting, an d singing. 

Why did Osho leave for the US?

There were allegations against Bhagwan Rajneesh that he was involved in international drug trafficking, prostitution inside the ashram, money laundering, tax evasion, and gold smuggling. He was apprehensive that criminal charges would be levelled against him, and if found guilty, he’d have spent the rest of his life behind bars. Therefore he left India for the US in 1981.

Who was Osho’s most trusted aide? 

In the beginning, when Osho was laying the foundations for his ashram, Laxmi Kurwa better known as ‘Ma Yoga Laxmi’ was his confidante. Later on, Sheela Ambalal Patel aka Ma Anand Sheela became his most trusted aide and remained so till his death in 1990. 

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