vipassana meditation, benefits, technique, pdf

vipassana meditation, benefits, technique, pdf – in this post we will discuss what is Vipassana meditation.  what is the type of  Vipassana meditation?  what are the benefits of Vipassana meditation

how to perform Vipassana meditation or you can say what is the technique of doing Vipassana meditation,  in simple language you can also say what is the sitting posture for the Vipassana meditation and how to do it.  at the last, you can download the PDF files also.

first of all Namaskaram to all my blog readers.

let’s get started with the Vipassana meditation,  what is Vipassana meditation,  we will have a  Deep Overview of Vipassana meditation.

What is Vipassana meditation

this is the oldest meditation technique,  Vipassana meditation techniques developed by the or you can say Discover by Lord Shiva,  you may not know about Lord Shiva, you may have listened to the name of Aadi Yogi.  so both are the same.  no one knows exactly when it gets discovered by the AadiYogi. 

 letter on Gautam Buddh explain it once again,  Buddha is the second creator of Vipassana meditation techniques many peoples also says this technique get discovered by Buddha only. 

These techniques while earlier used by the followers of Adi yogi,  you may have to listen to the name of Rishi Gautam,  rishi dadhichi,  etc.

 In the above paragraphs, we discussed who was the inventor of Vipassana meditation.

 Now we will see what is Vipassana meditation.

Vipassana meditation is the technique,  in which the meditator focuses on their breathing when he inhales He Feels the air when he Excel he also feels the air and the hotness and coolness of the air.

 this is the simple process of Vipassana meditation,  there is nothing Rocket Science in the techniques of Vipassana meditation.  one thing you must remember while doing the Vipassana meditation your backbone must erect.  sit in a comfortable position, come in Shambhavi mudra,  and start focusing on your breathing,  and this is all about the Vipassana meditation and its techniques.

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 Vipassana meditation techniques

 the techniques of Vipassana meditation will be described Point by point- 

  • First of all, choose a cool and calm place for Vipassana meditation.
  • Body cleaning Ness is also required,  if you are sweating then go for a bath after that you can start Vipassana meditation.
  •  wear comfortable cloth so that you can sit comfortably.
  •  Aasan is required for sitting comfortably for a long time,  below you can see in the image how to sit.
  •  for doing the Vipassana meditation Shambhavi Mudra Eyes is very good.
  •  after taking Shambhavi Mudra close your eyes.
  •  start focusing on your breathing when you inhale or when you excel in both times you feel the air and the hotness and coldness of the air.
  •  after a few breathing exercises, many things may come to your mind,  this is very common at the start of this Vipassana meditation these things will happen but slowly when you start Giving more time to the Vipassana meditation, these types of thoughts will not come in your mind.
  •  to experience the benefit of Vipassana meditation you must do at least 3 months of Vipassana meditation and 02 H in a day.

How to do Vipassana meditation

 Vipassana meditation is the simplest form of meditation,  so there is nothing too much to elaborate on how to do it in the above paragraph I have mentioned the techniques of Vipassana meditation, which I explain in every detail with a point to point you can follow those points for how to do Vipassana meditation.

Benefits of Vipassana meditation

Vipassana meditation has some more benefits Over The Other type of meditation, You will have A-game in every aspect of your life.

 let’s have a look over the benefit of Vipassana meditation.

Benefits of Vipassana meditation
serial numberbenefits of Vipassana meditation
1.first of all, you will be cool and calm. will have also so medical benefits like your blood pressure, Sugar will be normal etc.
3.You will start to pay attention to every little thing happening around you will be early responded to anything
5.your connection with nature will be strong can focus on your job or anything that you do, you can focus more on that
7.after 3 months of Vipassana meditation, your colleagues will be shocked by seeing the difference in you will start taking interest in the Vipassana meditation more and more
9.After a few days of meditation around 50 days,  you will feel your opinion gland,  from that time you may start meditation more joyfully
10.after doing Upasna vacation for 1 year you will be meditative enough and you can just simply sit and your  meditation will automatically start
11.after long practice of Vipassana meditation, you can go for Samadhi
12.The nirvikalpa samadhi is the last stage of meditation you can also attend it.


What is the eligibility of Vipassana meditation?

 the eligibility of Vipassana meditation is that a person must be willing to do it.

 A person who is consuming alcohol or drugs can do Vipassana meditation?

 of course, he must do Vipassana meditation,  after a few days of Vipassana meditation he will be able to leave alcohol or drugs.

How to do Vipassana meditation?

there are a few simple steps by which you can do it. as meditation is a breathing exercise in the above paragraph so I have explained it very well so have a look.

 What techniques are used in Vipassana meditation?

 Vipassana meditation is a very simple meditation, In which you have to follow basic techniques like sitting comfortable position like Sambhavi mudra,  dear comfortable clothes,  and focusing on your breathing.


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