Thoughts on vipassana meditation by spiritual leaders

Thoughts on vipassana meditation by spiritual leaders – Vipassana meditation is the tool to know the universe,  then the question arises how will you know the universe,  as you know you are the tiny particle of the universe,  if you become able to know about yourself then you will know also the universe.

 you will have the deep understanding of the the anything happening around you,  because you know the core concept of life.

 so today  I will tell you the thoughts on Vipassana meditation by the various spiritual leaders around the globe.  if you understand Vipassana meditation and start  practising Vipassana meditation,  then it will be A-game for you  in the any aspect of life.

SL.NO.Name of person
1- Sadhguru thoughts on Vipassana
2-vipassana thoughts by S.N. Goenka
3-vipassana thoughts by shri shri ravisankanr
4-Kiran Khalap thoughts on vipassana

Sadhguru thoughts on Vipassana meditation- 

Watch video,  for a full understanding of Vipassana meditation by the Sadguru.

vipassana thoughts by S.N. Goenka-

He is a Vipassana practitioner,  as well as teacher of Vipassana meditation,  so his thoughts are are very popular regarding Vipassana meditation,  just have a look over his thoughts through a YouTube video.

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vipassana thoughts by shri shri ravisankanr

No such Video available in which  Shri Shri  Ravishankar talking about the Vipassana meditation,  but he talk about the guided meditation,  the guided meditation in the Vipassana meditation are the same but he just not taking the name of Vipassana meditation.  so here I am suggesting the video of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the guided meditation

Kiran Khalap thoughts on vipassana

Kiran Khalap is The old Vipassana meditation practitioner you must have a look over the thoughts on the Vipassana meditation by Kiran.

So here we provide various thoughts over the Vipassana meditation,  so now I can say you will very well understand the benefits of Vipassana meditation,  and you are going to just start the Vipassana meditation under the guidance of a Vipassana teacher.  thanks for being with us


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