SRCM Satkhol Himalayan Ashram Review

SRCM Satkhol Himalayan Ashram Review

Ever imagined practising meditation under the guidance of meditation gurus while listening to the melodious songs of birds and seeing the majestic views? That would relieve the years of stress, wouldn’t that? That’s what a stay at Satkhol ashram feels like.

Satkhol ashram is located in the Nainital district and is known for being one of the most beautiful spiritual hubs in the Himalayan region. The ashram has a strong positive environment that fills the visitors’ minds with spiritual energy. Every year, thousands of people visit the Satkhol ashram to learn and practise mediation, yoga and take a peaceful break from their stressful schedules.

The ashram has a quite huge space with a library, kitchen, meditation hall, dining hall, canteen, etc. And as it’s situated in the lap of the Himalayas, the surroundings are extremely beautiful. Let alone the spiritual activities inside the ashram, the nature and calmness around the ashram instantly put visitors’ minds at ease and get them supercharged.

In a nutshell, the place is basically a meditation centre where you can get admission to learn different kinds of meditations and yoga.

In the following sections, we will cover Satkhol ashram application form, How to reach the Satkhol ashram, Fees, and the meditation environment at the ashram.

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2Satkhol Ashram Application Form
3How to Reach Satkhol Ashram From Dehradun Railway Station
4Meditation Environment at Satkhol Ashram

Satkhol Ashram Application Form

Satkhol ashram authorities include some of the best meditation gurus who are experts in many kinds of meditations. That’s why thousands of people visit the ashram every year from all around the world to learn the techniques of advanced meditation. These learners are called Abhyasi.

If you love meditation and want to unfold the unexplored layers of it, you can consider taking the membership and becoming one of the thousands of pupils at the ashram. For that, you have to fill out and submit the online application form of Satkhol ashram.

Once your application is submitted, it goes through a few verification steps and then you, if accepted, will be issued a permission letter.

Approved abhyasis can take their family and friends along to the ashram. But they are first required to notify the authorities about their arrival in advance.

How to Reach Satkhol Ashram From Dehradun Railway Station

From Dehradun, you have plenty of options to reach Satkhol including train, plane, bus, and taxi. The train is a more economical option than other transport.

Meditation Environment at Satkhol Ashram

The ashram, being located in the Himalayan range, offers the utmost peaceful environment to practise meditation and other spiritual activities. While an abhyasi learns the meditation techniques from meditation gurus, he/she gets accompanied by like-minded people and seekers.

The atmosphere of the ashram is purely spiritual that soaking up all the negativity from visitors’ minds, improves their thought process, and puts them at another level of conscience. If you are looking forward to a spiritual vacation with family or friends, the Satkhol ashram is one of the finest options to consider.

So here we discuss the SRCM Satkhol Himalayan Ashram Review in detail.


Q: How to apply for membership in Satkhol ashram?

Ans: You can visit the ashram’s official website to find the online form which you can fill out and send for verification in easy steps.

Q: How to contact Satkhol ashram?

Ans: The contact details of Satkhol ashram are as follows:
Phone no: +91-5942-286332
Email address:

Q: Can a registered abhyasi take his/her family and friends along to the Satkhol ashram?

Ans: Yes. Whether an abhyasi visits the ashram alone or with his/her family and friends, he/she requires to notify the ashram authorities in advance.

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