Meditation tips for beginners

Meditation tips for beginners

Meditation tips for beginners, how to sit for meditation, what type of cloth you wear for meditation, face direction during meditation, ETC.


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 Today the  i will share basic meditation tips for beginners.

 I will cover it Point by point.

For a beginner it is important to know how to sit in meditation.

 in what your posture you want to meditate ,remember one things keep your spine erect.

 Don’t get sleep in your meditation time.

 If unnecessary things coming up and pop up in your mind  you just don’t mind it.

After few times practice  this popup will just go off.

 Wear neat and clean cloth.

 while doing meditation put your hands on Shambhavi Mudra position.

 Feel the air which you are inhaling.

  you can switch on your mobile or Alexa and you can play some meditation music also, it may help you in the beginning stage.

 I would like to request few meditation sound which may help you.

meditation sound FOR beginners

1-Sounds Of Isha – Nirvana Shatakam | Chant
2-Shiva Stotram | Shiva
3-Chandrashekhara Ashtakam | Damaru | Adiyogi Chants
4-Guruvashtakam | Damaru | Adiyogi Chants 

 The place which you choose for meditation must be cool and calm enough so that  you didn’t get disturb.

 You can do meditation at your home office in your living room if there is nearby any river you can do meditation at the bank of the river also.

 In my opinion you must prepare a place to meditation where natural flow of air exist means open ground or something like this.

 Meditation is not like injection meditation will not reflect its result immediately after doing practice.

 Meditation reflect their result after 20 to 30 days if you continue with meditation.

 so don’t be in hurry just do practice and practise and practice.

 Meditation will give you immunity and coolness to  your body.

 While doing meditation one thing you must remember you must face to word east direction.

The direction of sunrise is the direction of East so while doing meditation you must face word sun rising direction.

 if it is not possible you may face toward West direction.

 I would like to summarise this post

5 Meditation tips for beginners

  •  first one decide your place of meditation
  •  the second one wear neat and clean cloth
  •  decide your posture of meditation
  •  choose the direction of sitting posture it must be  towards East
  •  you may take help of some meditational music



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That was all about Meditation tips for beginners.

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