How to start meditation for beginners

How to start meditation for beginners

How to start meditation for beginners. what is the basic thing you must know before start meditation as a beginner. how to meditate?

At one time everyone was a  beginner.

 Slowly slowly everyone start to learn and practice and then he become good meditator.

 Before going to topic I would like to clear few things.

 Meditation is not like a tablet you just swallow it and it will show its effect immediately.

Become a good meditator or you have to practice and practice and practice.

 There are few things you must follow to get a good result as early as possible.

  •  stop consuming alcohol
  • avoid nonvegetarian food, don’t eat too much.
  •   choose a calm place to meditate.  it may be your living room, office, corridor, or a bank of the river.

 Once you have chosen your place of meditation .

Now this is time to choose when you have to meditate.

 The best time for meditation is early morning and evening because at this time the environment shows at his best.

 Your environment must be cool enough overall I would like to say you must be comfortable enough.

 After place and time you have to choose your clothes.

 You must wear clean and dry clothes white clothes are more recommended because you know white color is the representative of cool and calm.

 Now you choose place, time ,cloth now this is time to start meditation.

 posture of meditation

 sit on the ground (you must use a yoga mat ) with spine erect and both of your hand must be in Shambhavi mudra.

Procedure of meditation

 Take a deep breath while in breathing you must focus on the air which you are breathing.

 In each breathing you must focus  ear which you are breathing in each breathing you must feel it something you are inhaling.

 From first Day you can start  with 10 inhale and exhale exercise.

Slowly day by day you can increase the number of breaths in and breathe out after that you should increase your medicine time 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes and more.

 The effect of meditation will start reflect in your body around 15 to 20 days.

Result of meditation will be you will be cool and calm person. anxiety,depression will run out from you.

 you must keep practicing meditation for more better result.

 if you have any concern if you want to ask anything you just comment below the post

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