How do you feel after Vipassana Meditation

How do you feel after Vipassana Meditation- it totally depends upon your intensity or how you focused.  if you cannot focus on anything then it will take some more time for you to feel the Vipassana meditation benefits. if you want to feel the Vipassana meditation benefits or the effect of Vipassana meditation then you have to wait for some time, 

 you may have listened to many people that they didn’t feel anything after doing Vipassana meditation this is also true there is something eligibility for Vipassana meditation after you qualify that you will feel it,  if you become eligible to get the feel of meditation then you will say it this is the goal of life. I will let you explain how much time you need to feel the Vipassana meditation.

How do you feel after Vipassana Meditation

 below I will let you know how you feel after Vipassana meditation by the time.

How do you feel after one day of Vipassana meditationin one day you cannot become meditative but your journey gets started,  one thing you have to do is just keep doing meditation
how do you feel after 1 week of Vipassana meditation  if you are a focused person then you will just  become the happy and enjoyable person
how do you feel after 1 month of Vipassana meditation  one month is a fair enough time and you will get the joy of Vipassana meditation,  you cannot live without medicine after 1 month
how do you feel after 1 year of Vipassana meditationthis is the way of becoming Buddha you will start the feel genuineness
how do you feel after 10 years of a partner Meritnationyou will become Buddha
How do you feel after 50 years of  Vipassana meditationyou will be next to God

How do you feel after one day of Vipassana meditation

 if you are already concentrated or focused then you feel something enjoyable and relaxed,  you will be kept quiet and you feel Inner happiness.  this thing happens to only a few people.  most human beings cannot feel Vipassana meditation benefit in one day.

 because in the current scenario the human being is too attached to the materialistic things,  as well as their emotions are attached to the various materialistic things so they cannot feel it.

 if you are very disappointed with life and you are not focused just sit and do Vipassana meditation, your mind will not let you sit but you have to sit. 

various thoughts will come into your mind and you may get disappointed but you have to sit and focus on your Vipassana meditation.  you have to keep continue this until you get not become focused or relaxed.

How do you feel after 1 week of Vipassana meditation

 if you are already a Vipassana meditation practitioner then you will feel tremendous good and you will be happy with your life,  and you will enjoy it very much.

 if you are not a Vipassana meditation practitioner and you start the first time then you may get disappointed and you may not get interested to do Vipassana meditation but slowly, you will feel it and you will enjoy it.

 if you are totally dedicated to the Vipassana meditation it means you are giving in the 24 hours at least 10 hours for Vipassana meditation then I am sure in the one week you will get a key to happiness and you will become meditative.

 this is the beginning of any meditation genius,  just continue your meditation journey till you will not get divine knowledge or satisfaction.

How do you feel after one month of Vipassana meditation

If you are practising Vipassana meditation for a month and I assume you are giving at least 10 hours of a day to your Meritnation Then really you will feel very cool and calm,  and you will feel everything is very good.  good and you will enjoy your life. 

 when you will see anything like a river or sky or Sun or moon or soil or anything you will just get happy by seeing all of them and you will feel how they are pure enough.

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How do you feel after 1-year vipassana meditation

  year if a person gives one year and 10 hours in a day for Vipassana meditation, Then amazing things will start happening to his life,  I cannot explain in the words how we can feel he will be free from all thoughts and emotions.  he will be just happy.

How do you feel after 10 years of Vipassana meditation.

 A person who is doing Vipassana meditation for the last 10 years then he will be like Buddha,  you may have to listen to the name of Buddha if you have not listened to the Buddha just go on Wikipedia and have a look.

 you will be able to know why human beings come to the earth and what is the purpose of life and what to do and what is the benefit the entire planet and you will start understanding each natural thing.

 You may have listened to the name Sadguru,  he is one of the meditation practitioners from a very good time.  by seeing him you can imagine how you will be after 10 years of Vipassana meditation.


What is the minimum time you have to meditate to have a feel of  Vipassana meditation?

 at least you have to meditate for 1 month and 10 hours a day to get a feel of  Vipassana meditation.

 After how much time a man will be addicted to meditation?

 At least after one year of continuous meditation, a person will be addicted to meditation and he can perform meditation in various forms of daily activity

 Is Vipassana meditation very difficult?

 Yes,  if you are doing it the first time it may feel difficult.  but after a few meditation practices, you will be used to of Vipassana meditation.

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