Famous personalities from world doing Vipassana meditation

famous personalities from world doing Vipassana meditation – Now everyone has understood the benefit of Vipassana meditation. Many people don’t know what type of medicine they are doing, but coincidently there doing Vipassana meditation because this is a very simple kind of meditation as well as most powerful.

Famous personalities from world doing Vipassana meditation

 the name Vipassana meditation got birth in the Indian culture, and was followed by many Scholars like Lord shiva and Buddha both are legendary examples of Vipassana meditation.

Now here I will list out a few names who are doing Vipassana meditation around the globe, 

1-Will Smith ( actor)
2-Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
3-Mahendra Singh Dhoni
4-Sachin Tendulkar
5-Shilpa Shetti
6-Barack Obama
7-Yogi Adityanath 

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Question.  is Will Smith a follower of Vipassana meditation?

 Answer.  Yes,  he regularly does it.

 Question.  what do you understand by Vipassana meditation?

 Answer.  Vipassana meditation is the old technique but very beneficial to everyone and very simple also.  in the Vipassana meditation, you have to focus on your breath.  when you breathe in or breathe out you just feel it and continue with this.

 Question.   is Prime Minister Narendra Modi following Vipassana meditation?

 Answer.  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a famous advocate of meditation.  he did  Vipassana meditation regularly basis.

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