Dangers in doing Vipassana

Dangers in doing Vipassana-  first of all, Namaskaram to everyone, now let’s get into the topic of dangers in the Vipassana meditationwhy you should not do Vipassana meditation,  why a person gets into danger by doing Vipassana Meditation,  you will get the answer for this query.

let’s understand with a story –  in California Michael is working day and night to fulfil his requirement,  and his wife and child are very happy,  is able to earn sufficient money to run his family by the time he thinks why we should not buy a gun because in America this is common, most of the people having a gun.

So he bought a gun,  and came to his house and start practising,  he didn’t go through any Training or any manual on how to operate it and just filmi style he fired,  by the back bounce of gun he falls down on the floor, his face gets defaced, his face get blooded. 

So the moral of the story is this if you don’t know how to operate a weapon then you must go for it training or read the manual and then try it. 

Same as in the vipassana Meditation,  this is like the modern fire weapon,  if you don’t know it, don’t do Fingering in it. 

If you do Vipassana meditation without knowing its dos and don’t,  then you may feel vipassana is a dangerous thing,  and you can think about it in your whole life,  by which you will just lose a wonderful think of the universe. 

 Go search for a Vipassana meditation teacher,  and then start doing Vipassana meditation.  now that day’s things are getting online,  then you can also learn from the online YouTube video of Sadguru.

Each kind of meditation has been created by Lord Shiva,  or you can say Adi yogi,  there are various names for Lord Shiva,  the few popular names are Mahadev,  Adi yogi, Lord Shankar,  etc.

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So I hope you will now understand the dangers of doing Vipassana meditation because this is the most powerful Weapon of the universe,  so use it under guidance,  if you use it under guidance then there are Zero dangers in doing Vipassana meditation,  and if you’re not using it and not learning it under the guidance of Vipassana meditation teacher then there is lots of danger.

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