Anand Prakash Brahmachari Maharaj detail, work,guru

who is Anand Prakash Brahmachari Maharaj ?

Anand Prakash Brahmachari Maharaj and ramdev j

He is the dominant lecture of Hindu culture. Many of his videos go viral regarding Ram Mandir. Supreme Court verdict regarding Ram Mandir has come out before it he was advocating that the Ram Mandir has to build as it is told by Indian Sant, finally, Ram Mandir built.

 they are holding the title of Acharya.

 so he is also known as Aacharya Anand Prakash Brahmachari j.

 he is a well-known person across India. he has so many political relations with known politicians.

 currently he is president of rashtriy Gau Raksha Manch .

As per Guru Shishya Parampara I would like to tell you some more points

 mahamandaleshwar Prakhar Ji Maharaj is the Guru of Aacharya Anand Prakash Brahmachari

  and the most famous around the globe karPatriJi Maharaj is the Guru of mahamandaleshwar Prakhar Ji Maharaj.

 you might have not listened about karpatri Ji Maharaj but India bow down to him.

 few more things I would like to tell about Aacharya Anand Prakash ji Brahmachari

  1. He belongs to Uttarakhand.
  2.  his Ashram is situated at Uttarakhand only.
  3.  he has good knowledge about Indian Hindu karmkand.
  4.  he believes in karmkand.
  5.  he believes in Murti Puja.
  6.  He belongs to mahanirvani Akhada.

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few more image of Anand Prakash Brahmachari Maharaj.

Anand Prakash Brahmachari Maharajand ramayan ke ram

Anand Prakash Brahmachari Maharajand cm yogi,amit shah

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