About US


 welcome to yogathemeditation.com

 we are the group of meditator, we are practicing meditation since last 10 years.

 we are situated in Rishikesh Uttar Uttarakhand India.

  our main motto is elaborate meditation which we learn from our Guru.

 in this blog we are sharing our thoughts and practical experience which we able to learn in past one decade.

 we started this blog from very basic it means if you are a beginner then you can learn the meditation in a proper way from this blog.

 here  you will get your answers from top of our meditators.

Now I will cover meditation in few word.

 meditation is a learning process  forever.

  there is no full stop in meditation you never can say I am fully meditated this is a ongoing process.

 If you will go deep and deep it and you will enjoy it.

 India is the origin country of meditation

 if you want to ask anything you just comment below in your post we will be happy to serve you.