Ghost is called bhoot in Hindi language and which means “past” .which never will come in reality. it means in  present day no anyone is going to see ghost or past. it is a totally imagination . ghost is so popular because of the things which we cannot see we can not hear  we can not feel become popular easily. the human behaviour is also like that the present things may not so popular but the upcoming things and past things are more popular between the human beings. human is curious about what is going to happen that’s why it is so popular.

Our mind is so capable if you think some Hanky panky type ,you may see a hanky panky person in your  night dream .if you think more about that particular hanky-panky things you may feel there is someone near me this is only kind of phobia it’s only created by your minds. a healthy mind never see ghost and never feel ghost.

I would like to tell you a short story. In early centuries even this time also  people are saying chant Shri Ram Shri Ram or Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman or take the name of Jesus Christ or take the name of Allah and ghost will run away. why this happened because that child  having a strong believe on his Lord only this believe make him mentally strong and he never see a ghost. if your strong enough you will never see .

Ghost is too popular because of some religious gurus and some news anchor and by movie producer.

Ghost is only a Belief  like God

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