Question (05)- what is the powerful Mantra in this world and why ?

Answer- First of all we have to understand what is mantra. each word having  their own frequency and that particular word having their own impact on the human body.

Let’s take an example-

If you are using abuse word for someone if still he doesn’t understand your language he will feel bad  you may see by doing so.

Like this  each word have their own impact whether you understand or not but it happened.

Om (ॐ ) is the the most powerful word in this universe if you utter it something phenomenal will happen in your body. by uttering  it at particular time more neurones in your mind get birth ,and the number of neurones is the basis of your consciousness. your consciousness get improved your intellect will improve you will feel magic.


Question(04)- what is the biggest failure of the world ?

Answer- terrorism is the biggest failure of the world . Tsunami, earthquake, and many more things we can not control But at some instant we are doing better. but in the case of terrorism each country having a good military strength, there is UNO but totally fail innocent people are still dying. world leader Must Think about it and they must finish it.

Question(03) – does God exist ?

Answer-  first understand what is God,  if if you think there is someone in heaven  who made us and control us Then the answer is there is no god.

If god exist he/she must stop innocent killing . he/she must feed who are dying in the lack of food and many more things he/she must do.

In the world you will see different different community having different different God and Goddess it is a totally bullsit . God theory is a propaganda of theocracy minded people ,these people  enjoyed and some are enjoying in the name of god.

In my opinion god is a person or thing which make us alive like- parents, Sun ,moon ,river and Earth etc .

In India from ancient time to right now people  offer greetings tI Earth and their parents .they worship rivers ,moon and sun  at specific time.

In the last I would like to say if you are practical then you must understand other than nature there is no god.

Question- what is meditation?

Answer- The inventor of meditation is India , in India meditation is known as DHYAN. the literally meaning of meditation is to focus on something . if you focus on your 12th books you will get a good percentage in your exam. if you focus on your girlfriend then your girlfriend-boyfriend relationship will be great , likewise if you focus on yourself then your life will be  great.

There are many different way to do meditation  but the simplest and the effective way is doing meditation with your breathing.

Why I told you to do meditation with your  breathing because in the human body the smallest atom is carried within you by  breathing if you can focus on your breathing then you can focus on anything.



The word yoga came from ancient Indian  language Sanskrit. the meaning of yoga literally is to adding something for example 2 yoga 3= 5 . but in the case of spiritual process yoga means adding your physical world with your consciousness if your consciousness enough you will be able to know yourself . it means yoga is the fundamental process in which every human being have to go through . it will give you a perception by which you can do anything.

As earlier I had said yoga is a mixture of some physical exercise and some breathing exercise With full attention.

By physical exercise you will be physically fit and you will be more acceptive  to grab energy.

By breathing exercise you can able to focus in any kind of things by which you can know everything in a better way .

Yoga is not a believe , it is a practical science. Yoga will make you a perfect human being.